Multi-pronged approach needed for rabbit control

Rabbits are a persistent problem in many parts of Australia and require an equally persistent, multi-pronged response – that’s the message from a recent ABC News report.

The ability of rabbits to breed quickly in good seasons, and the ever-changing dynamics between rabbits and biological controls, make surges in wild rabbit populations an enduring threat to primary production and nature conservation. Constant effort is required to develop new bio-controls and for groups of landholders to work together with coordinated, well-timed on-ground works; which may include warren ripping, fumigation and poisoning.

For more information on the issue and research into biological controls by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, an example of how a conservation manager (Bush Heritage Australia) is managing wild rabbits, and a reminder from Rabbit-Free Australia of the support needed for ceaseless, coordinated action by local communities, see the ABC News report by Shannon Corvo.

An image of wild rabbits from 1991, prior to the release of the RHDV bio-control, is a reminder of the threat they pose.

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