On-Ground Priorities

Much is already known about the best ways to control wild rabbits. To optimise the application of new and existing knowledge, to re-inforce that biological controls will not be a panacea on their own, and to show-case the benefits of integrated programs, encouragement is given to on-ground measures putting knowledge into practice.

Aims for On-ground Measures: To encourage other measures which will contribute to the eradication of rabbits, such as integrated control programs applying current knowledge on the ground.

On-ground priorities:

Integrated controls.

Supporting and promoting integrated programs which eradicate rabbits; especially those which also control feral predators and re-introduce native wildlife, focussing on:

  • Regional NRM bodies. Encouraging the development of integrated rabbit control programs.
  • Recovery programs. Supporting initiatives which demonstrate how landholders can work together with agencies to eradicate wild rabbits and re-introduce native species.

Community engagement.

Supporting programs which work on-ground with individual, or groups of, landholders toward a common goal of rabbit eradication, focussing on:

  • Community organisations. Liaising with like-minded community organisations to promote synergies between our efforts.
  • Citizen science. Encouraging landholders and communities to be involved in programs that record information to learn about rabbits and their control, while also assisting those controlling rabbits on the ground.