• Rabbits

    Australia's worst vertebrate pest

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc. (RFA)

Rabbit-Free Australia is a publicly subscribed fund to support research, raise awareness and encourage on-ground action to eradicate feral rabbits from Australia.

The European wild rabbit is Australia’s worst vertebrate pest, being widespread and destructive to natural environments and primary production.

Rabbits adversely affect over 300 threatened native species, change landscapes, and cause losses of over $200 million a year to agricultural production.


To promote the eradication of wild rabbits from Australia by:

  • Supporting research and researchers,
  • Raising awareness and understanding, and
  • Encouraging on-ground control measures.


Australian landscapes that are free of their most notorious pest – the European wild rabbit.

Productive landscapes which support abundant native wildlife are feasible in Australia. Places like rabbit-free Kangaroo Island, and Macquarie Island once rabbits were eradicated, are examples.

Rabbit Free Australia is committed to rebuilding Australian landscapes. The eradication of feral rabbits is a crucial step to that end.



RFA research priorities are:
• New biological controls.
• The impacts of rabbits.
• Rabbit R&D capacity.



RFA awareness priorities are:
• Knowledge management.
• Partnerships and public relations.
• Communication.

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On-Ground Measures

RFA On-ground priorities are:
• Integrated control and restoration programs.
• Community engagement.

Bilby Emblem

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The Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) is an Australian native animal that has faced extinction due, in large part, to European wild rabbits. Integrated programs involving breeding bilbies and controlling rabbits and other pests are now helping the recovery of bilby populations in some areas.

Easter Bilby Mascot

The Easter Bilby champions the cause of Rabbit Free Australia – fighting back against rabbits and reclaiming a place in the Australian environment.

Easter Bilby promotes the rabbit control cause following a theme of ‘bilbies not bunnies’.

Easter Bilby's Friends

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia is helping Easter Bilby and Easter Bilby's Friends tell their stories - tales about the animals (and the plants they rely on) that suffer due to rabbits, and how people are helping them to get their food, their homes and their friends back. A range of children's picture books will tell their stories, backed by the Easter Bilby's Friends website.

The first book, Banjo Frog's Concert Spectacular can be ordered at Wakefield Press.

Supporting information and activity sheets are available at the Easter Bilby's Friends website.

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

Collaborative Research into Rabbit Control.


Pest Smart.

Key Contacts and Information for Rabbit Control.

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