Bilby’s Picks

Some great resources, specially chosen for archiving.

What is eating Australia?

An article, ‘What is eating Australia?‘, written by Dr Rob Morrison, Chairman of ARRFA, 1995 – 1998. This important document explains a range of issues associated with ecosystems and why we need to remove exotic animals, such as rabbits, from them.

Wascally Wabbits, Atlas Obscura, 2015

A lively blog from Cara Giaimo (Atlas Obscura) providing information on what makes rabbits so rascally. See the article from Atlas Obscura (2015).

Australia after rabbits, ECOS Magazine, 2003

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) caused massive mortalities in Australia’s rabbit populations when it reached mainland Australia from Wardang Island, SA, in 1995 . The crash in rabbit numbers gave cause for cautious optimism as researchers and land managers recorded the impact on ecosystems and agriculture.Read more in the ECOS Magazine, Issue 116, pp16-19

Rabbit Threat Abatement Plan, Background Document, 2015

Rabbits are a potential threat to over 300 threatened native species in Australia. A comprehensive background document presents information used to update a national Threat Abatement Plan for competition and land degradation by rabbits. See the draft Department of the Environment Background Document.

The Origins of Easter Bunny – Bilbies not Bunnies article, The Conversation, 2013

The first Easter Bunnies were a tricky way to avoid a papal decree to not eat red meat during Lent. A great article by RFA Patron Brian Cooke, explains the origins of both Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby. See the full ‘Bunnies or Bilbies’ article in The Conversation, March 29, 2013.