Next-Generation Biocontrol

A one-day symposium will explore the technical opportunities and social implications of next-gen biocontrols for invasive species. Hosted by The Royal Society of Victoria, this important event will be held in Melbourne on September 19th, 2022.

New technologies bring the promise of more options for invasive species control, but there are always questions about broader ramifications and ethical matters like animal welfare to consider. It is important for the social and environmental issues to progress at the same pace as technical developments, so each arena may inform the other. That is why this symposium is so important. It will investigate:

  • The Problem. What problems are caused by invasive species and what are the priorities?
  • The Technologies. What new and emerging technologies are there?
  • The Caveats. What risks and public concerns must be addressed?

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia is pleased to help sponsor the event, which may be attended either on-line or in-person. More information and bookings can be made at the Symposium webpage.

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