A Gift-in-Will or Bequest is a very significant way to support the Foundation. It enables us to better plan and implement long-term initiatives permitting more substantial, and potentially more beneficial, projects to create a Rabbit-Free Australia.

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia is the only registered charity dedicated to the control of wild European rabbits in Australia. We rely heavily on volunteers to minimise administration costs, and on donations and bequests to invest in research and community awareness projects. Bequests (gifts in wills) are especially valuable, giving the Foundation confidence to plan for the future and invest in major research programs. 


Gifts in wills can be in the form of: 

  • A specific amount: A specified sum of money or the balance of an account. 
  • A residual gift: The remainder (or a portion of the remainder) of your estate, once all debts and other disbursements are made. 
  • Whole or part of an estate: An entire estate, or specified percentage of it (or of the remainder). 
  • An in specie gift: A transfer of specified assets, such as shares or real estate, which may save the estate having to pay capital gains tax on the sale of the assets.  

You may want to discuss options with a solicitor if you have any questions as to what would best suit your circumstance and intentions. You may also like to discuss with the Foundation how your bequest could be most appropriately acknowledged. 

Making a bequest 

Contact the Executive Officer, or ask your solicitor to do so, to discuss any aspects of making a bequest. Contact details:

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc, PO Box 145, Collinswood, SA 5031 or

 If you are clear in your wishes you may consider the following wording for your will. 

‘I give to Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc. (Registered Charity ABN 96 353 157 496, of PO Box 145, Collinswood, 5081 South Australia) for the general purposes of that or any successor organisation, free from all taxes and duties, (insert details of your bequest; e.g. the sum of $…… – or ……% of the residue of my estate). I direct that the receipt of any Director or other proper officer for the time being of Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia will be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.’