Bushfire Recovery = Rabbit control time

The importance of rabbit control to aid bushland regeneration after fires has been stressed by the Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia, through the media and correspondence with government.

Rabbits selective grazing threatens the re-emergence of some plant species and, after fires, there are likely to be fewer predators around – yet warrens are more exposed. The timing is right to take action, however landholders are confronted by many issues during post-fire recovery.

It is therefore fantastic to see bodies like Natural Resources, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges, helping landholders to take control of rabbits as they get their properties back on track. An offer of up to 50% off the cost of pindone carrots is available until the end of May to assist affected landholders. Enquiries can be directed to Rob Murphy or Dwayne Godfrey.

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Fire recovery. Photo: Peter Day

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