Major Partnerships

The Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia is committed to working with, and assisting, like-minded people and organisations – be they businesses, governments, community groups or individuals.

Foundation Sponsors

Haigh’s Chocolates saw the opportunity to adopt the Easter Bilby. At some considerable risk, Haigh’s phased out chocolate Easter Bunnies after introducing the Easter Bilby in 1993 and have been rabbit-free ever since. The company pays an annual royalty to RFA for the use of the Easter Bilby concept and has branched out into other Australian species as part of its chocolate offering.

Livestock SA has been a long term supporter of Rabbit-Free Australia, providing assistance with media networks and strategic advice, extending information to landholders, and making meeting rooms available.

Major Supporters

Major supporters invest in specific projects or provide substantive contributions to RFA, in cash or in kind.

  • Mutooroo Pastoral
  • Jumbuck Pastoral
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • William Morgan – Natural Floors Pty Ltd (Treasurer)
  • Neil Wallace – Auditor (Wallace Vroulis Bond)


RFA works closely with like-minded organisations, such as those involved in rabbit control and biological research.

  • Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
  • BioSecurity SA
  • University of Adelaide
  • Flinders University