RHDV2 and RHDV1 – April 2016 update

RHDV1 has been used as a bio-agent for rabbit control in Australia since 1996. A new virus, RHDV2, has now been found in NSW, Victoria and SA. For more information see the Update from the Invasive Animals CRC.

The Origins of Easter Bunny

Why Easter Bilby and ‘Bilbies not Bunnies’ are promoted – a great article by RFA Patron, Brian Cooke, in ‘The Conversation’.

Rabbits Running Rife

Great effort by students at Cowra Public School to tell about the impact of rabbits.

Historic rabbit ecology – a case for rewilding?

A blog from Rewilding Australia provides some historic insight into the spread of rabbits and asks if there is a case for ‘rewilding’ with quolls, Tassie Devils and dingoes. Read the blog, including an historic letter, from Rewilding Australia.

Rabbit threat abatement plan

Background information and a draft to update the threat abatement plan to control rabbits has been released by the Australian Government. Read more to: see both documents, or view some media commentary

RHDV story on ABC TV Landline program, March 2007

The ABC TV program Landline featured a story on rabbits and RHDV on March 25. The story looked back over the 11 years that RHDV has been active in the Australian environment and how it has impacted on rabbit populations during that time.

Australia after rabbits, ECOS Magazine, 2003

Since its escape from Wardang Island, SA, in 1995 rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) has caused massive mortalities in Australia’s rabbit populations. The crash in rabbit numbers is giving cause for cautious optimism as pastoralists and researchers record the impact on native flora and fauna and on agriculture, and work to keep the populations pinned down.

ECOS Magazine article, Dec 2011

ECOS magazine, an online based publication produced by the CSIRO, has published the timely article entitled: Rabbits’ resurgence puts the bush under pressure By Rachel Sullivan. Rabbits are back – in increasing numbers, posing a major threat to Australia’s recovering landscapes.