Update on release plans for RHDV1 K5

Planning is underway for the release in Australia of a calicvirus strain (RHDV1 K5) which is expected to perform well in cooler, wetter regions. http://http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-12/delayed-release-for-new-calici-strain/7083388?WT.mc_id=newsmail

Rabbits change soil biology

Rabbits change the biology of soils, as well as vegetation – and those changes may be long lasting. http://www.sciencenews.org/blog/wild-things/rabbits-leave-mark-soil-long-after-they-are-gone

Historic rabbit ecology – a case for rewilding?

A blog from Rewilding Australia provides some historic insight into the spread of rabbits and asks if there is a case for ‘rewilding’ with quolls, Tassie Devils and dingoes. Read the blog, including an historic letter, from Rewilding Australia.

Rabbit threat abatement plan

Background information and a draft to update the threat abatement plan to control rabbits has been released by the Australian Government. Read more to: see both documents, or view some media commentary