Rabbits get the ‘hooroo’ from Goorooyarroo

A cull of rabbits from the Goorooyarroo nature reserve, Canberra, is the next step in the expansion of a protected area and the reintroduction of native animals.

It follows the erection of predator-proof fencing, and precedes a fox and cat control program, which will in-turn enable the extension of populations of bettong, eastern quolls and bush-stone curlews. The removal of rabbits will prevent erosion, protect the critically endangered Yellow Box – Red Gum Grassy Woodland ecological community, and remove a food source relied upon by cats and foxes. Reserve managers believe that rabbits would take-over if foxes and cats were removed first.

For more information, see the Canberra News story.

Predator-proof fencing. Photo: Adrian Manning


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